Arduino 5V Relay Shield Circuit

A simple circuit was created to test a Sunfounder, 2-Channel, 5V Arduino Relay Shield. The relay was set up to control a low powered circuit consisting of an LED, a 9V battery and a resistor.

In the next test, I plan to use the relay module with a variable DC power supply to activate one or more pinball solenoids.


An overview of the circuit:

– The VCC and GND pins of the relay module were connected to the 5V and GND pins of the Arduino.

– The input of the first relay was connected to Digital Output pin# 1 on the Arduino.

– The positive terminal of the 9V battery was connected to the COM (power) pin of the relay switch, and the NO (normally open) pin of the relay was connected back to the LED circuit.

– This tutorial provided some help.


Arudino Relay-Edit 002

Arduino Bluetooth Communication

The aim of this mini-project was establish Bluetooth communication between a Macbook and an Arudino UNO.

The project was completed with the help of this useful tutorial.


The key stages of the project were:

  1. Upload code to the Arduino to establish serial communication
  2. Connect up the HC-06 Bluetooth module with voltage divider
  3. Run the Code with the Bluetooth module as the serial input
  4. Connect to the Device with the Macbook
  5. Install and run ZTerm Terminal Emulation software to provide inputs

Several tutorials I looked at were using the Arduino Micro which may be useful for future projects.

Arduino to HC-06 Code-001

Arduino to HC-06-002

Design Competitions

Three interesting design competitions that are currently open:


Core77 Design Awards (although closing soon):

Intel Make it Wearable Competition:

Element 14 Community Group for Wireless Power Solutions:


The Intel Edison SD Card Size Computer and TI Wireless charging kit:

Intel-Edison      ti-wireless-charging-04-18-2011

Above Image Left from:

Above Image Right from:

Pinball Parts

Ordered some initial parts and components for the Pinball Project today.

Firstly – some standard sized pinballs to get an idea of the sizes and weights involved.
Second, some Flipper Coils, chosen pretty much at random. I think the make is Bally or Williams. Other than the size, I have no idea about the technical specs.

35_011735_3     76_003476_9

Above two images from:

Lastly, a Wireless Bluetooth RF Transceiver module, for getting Bluetooth connectivity on the Arduino.
After looking at a few different types, I went for one called HC-06, basically because it was the cheapest. The Adafruit Bluefruit EZ-Link sounds like it may be a better option in the future, but I’m hoping that HC-06 will give me a better understanding of what’s actually needed. Just a cheap option to mess around with in the meantime.

001 – Pinball Project

Project Number: 001
Project Name: PINBALL

Pinball! This project will initially involve researching Pinball machines and Pinball machine mechanisms, looking for interesting designs and identifying opportunitys for design and build projects.

(Original Post Date: 04-Mar-14)

First Post

Hello World!!!

Welcome to Maker Bothy! The blog of Liam Connelly, a Design Engineer and Maker enthusiast based in Melbourne Australia.

I’ve set up Maker Bothy as a place to record and share my personal projects, which will typically involve: Mechanical Engineering, CAD and 3D modelling, Industrial Design, Electronics, Graphic Design, programming, woodworking and metalworking.

Hopefully some of my experiences will be of interest.

Thanks for visiting!

(Original Posting Date: 04-Mar-14)