MeArm V0.4

I made a MeArm V0.4 using this tutorial:

I ordered most of the electronic parts from EBay and got the acrylic pieces cut by an online supplier. There’s also a kit available from Phenoptix which is probably cheaper overall.

I really like the design of the MeArm and there are some clever assembly features. The only issue I had was with some acrylic parts which had thin wall sections around the holes.Many of the screws have to be self-tapped into the acrylic which can increase the risk of cracking. I decided to use slightly shorter screws, and sometimes washers, to reduce the depth that the screws had to tap. I didn’t crack any parts, and the joints seem to be strong enough, so I would probably do this again.


Up Plus

A few months ago I got hold of an old UP! Plus 3D Printer. Apparently it’s in working order, but it’s been modified quite a few times and has a bunch of bugs. Hopefully I’ll get it up and running soon

Up Plus 003
Up Plus 002