Pinball Parts

Ordered some initial parts and components for the Pinball Project today.

Firstly – some standard sized pinballs to get an idea of the sizes and weights involved.
Second, some Flipper Coils, chosen pretty much at random. I think the make is Bally or Williams. Other than the size, I have no idea about the technical specs.

35_011735_3     76_003476_9

Above two images from:

Lastly, a Wireless Bluetooth RF Transceiver module, for getting Bluetooth connectivity on the Arduino.
After looking at a few different types, I went for one called HC-06, basically because it was the cheapest. The Adafruit Bluefruit EZ-Link sounds like it may be a better option in the future, but I’m hoping that HC-06 will give me a better understanding of what’s actually needed. Just a cheap option to mess around with in the meantime.