XY Robot

This robot was made with 3D printed parts and components from Open Builds part store.
The belts are fixed to the aluminium frame components and the robot moves relative to the belts.

The first version of the code uses four buttons to move the robot back and forth is the X and Y axis (two buttons for each axis). The code is here:

V-Rail One Axis

I recently bought some V-Rail parts and have been trying out different configurations for one-axis robots.
In the first configuration, the stepper motor is attached to carriage and the belt is fixed to the rail.
In the second configuration, the motor is at one end of the rail with a smooth idler pulley at the other end.
V-Rail 01
V-Rail 02
V-Rail 03

One-Axis Robot

This one-axis robot was made with 3D printed parts and some basic CNC components.
The robot is belt driven and has features for mounting an Arduino and EasyDriver PCB.

After setting it up, I ran it with Arduino code from Norwegian Creations.

I also tried this library for stepper motor control:
Which I found through this Website:

X Robot 04
X Robot 03
X Robot 01

X Robot - Fritzing 02X Robot - Code 01

MeArm V0.4

I made a MeArm V0.4 using this tutorial:

I ordered most of the electronic parts from EBay and got the acrylic pieces cut by an online supplier. There’s also a kit available from Phenoptix which is probably cheaper overall.

I really like the design of the MeArm and there are some clever assembly features. The only issue I had was with some acrylic parts which had thin wall sections around the holes.Many of the screws have to be self-tapped into the acrylic which can increase the risk of cracking. I decided to use slightly shorter screws, and sometimes washers, to reduce the depth that the screws had to tap. I didn’t crack any parts, and the joints seem to be strong enough, so I would probably do this again.