Data Logger for Thermocouple and Load Cell

The aim of this project was to develop the Arduino data logger to read a variety of sensors.
The first step was to develop the code from the last project and give additional functionality to the data logger.

Develop Data Logger
The following changes were made to the data logger code:
– The filename of the data file was changed to: “datalog.txt”
– The serial prompt was shortened from “file opened for writing” to “data stored”.
– A clock function was added.
– The clock recorded the start time of the test, as well as the time of each reading.
– Headings were added to the data file: “Light reading” and “time”
– Wires were connected from the arduino to the LCD: SDA to SDA, SCL to SCL, VCC and Ground

These tutorials were used:
Tutorial 1 – Video
Tutorial 1 – Code
Tutorial 2 – Video
Tutorial 2 – Code

The new data logger code is here: datalogger_shield_light_01

The arduino was setup to log data from a Thermocouple. A tutorial was used but it was not followed exactly. The circuit did not use a capacitor and the pins had to be changed from 9,10,13 to 7,8,9 to prevent interfering with the SD Card. The delay in the “loop” had to be changed from 1000 to 735 in order to get a 1 second delay between readings.

Thermocouple Tutorial Video
Thermocouple Tutorial Code

Wire setup:
So – Digital pin 8 (purple)
Cs – Digital pin 7 (blue)
Sck – Digital pin 9 (green)

Code link: datalogger_shield_thermo_01

Load Cell
The arduino was setup to log data from a load cell.
The load cell was calibrated using code from a tutorial. A stepper motor weighing 221g was placed on the load cell, to and the “calibration factor” was adjusted until the correct value was given. The “calibration factor” was changed from -7050 to +403 and the units were changed from lbs to grams.

Load Cell Tutorial

Wire setup:
SCK – Digital Pin 2 (yellow)
DT – Digital Pin 3 (orange)
VCC – 5V (red)

Code link: datalogger_shield_load_01

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