Product tear down – Portable CD Player

Some notes from dismantling an Alba portable CD player:

– 8x Philips head self tapping or thread forming screws.
– Different sized screws used, but all with the same head. One screwdriver.
– No seal between the two halves of the main casing.
– Button modules are heat staked in place.
– Screen is attached to plastic casing with adhesive. No obvious alignment features.
– Blobs of glue and tape used for cable retention.
– Micro switches with injection molded buttons
– Small, stick-on foam pads control the feel for the button and hinge at max travel.
– Battery cover flexes for insertion.
– CD reader module held in place with shock absorbers.
– CD reader module travels on plastic rail.
– The lead screw controlling the position of cd reader module has a spring contact, so the module can be moved by linear force.

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